The SimpleCirc Story

Helping Publishers Succeed

We've been publishers for more than 20 years.  For most of that time we managed our circulations with installed software that was expensive up front, required costly updates, and gave us countless headaches.

When we finally started looking for something modern, something cloud-based, something easy to use, we found NOTHING!

That's why in 2015 we built SimpleCirc for ourselves.  It was a game-changer for our publications.  The amount of time we saved managing our subscribers was incredible. No more work-arounds, no more tedious processes, no more endless frustrations.

As we started telling our publishing friends about our new software they asked if they could use it too. When we then saw the excitement of the first few that switched we became determined to help more publishers solve their subscriber management problems.

In the years since we first built SimpleCirc we have worked every day to help hundereds of publishers simplify their subscriber management, saving them time & money, and growing their circulations.

We would love to do the same for you!