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SimpleCirc is for publishers. We support circulation management for magazines, newspapers, trade publications, newsletters, and academic journals.

If you have a publication and you have paying or qualified subscribers we can handle all of your circulation management needs.
  • Ordering - take all of your new and renewing orders through our checkout pages and never enter orders manually again
  • Renewals - email and letter renewal notices that go out automatically and make it "one-click simple" for subscribers renew
  • Auto Renewals - auto renew your subscribers to save time and money on renewal efforts and increase your renewal rates
  • Subscriber Support - subscriber portal for address changes, renewals, holds, etc. - put the power in the hands of your subscribers
  • Reporting & Dashboard - all the reports and information you need to understand and manage your circulation
  • Mailing Lists - get your list to the printer
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SimpleCirc Essentials starts at $99 per month for up to 2,500 active subscribers.

We don't charge you for storing your expired subscribers in our system. Keep them around for free so you can market to them to get them to renew again.

SimpleCirc Pro starts at $179 per month. Take your circ management to the next level with automated renewal efforts and more.

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Switching to SimpleCirc


Most publishers make the switch in less than a day.

Step 1 is getting us your subscriber data. Typically you can export a file from your current circ management software or send us the spreadsheet you're using. Don't worry about the format, we've seen everything. Just get us what you have. We will import the file for you and work with you to make sure everything looks good.

Step 2 is setting up a few things. Upload your masthead image, enter your pricing, and cut & paste your credit card payment gateway credentials. That's about it. Simple!

Step 3 is linking your website to SimpleCirc. Wherever your site has a "subscribe" button, change the link to your new SimpleCirc checkout page. Wherever your site has a "renew" or "login" link, point it to SimpleCirc. You can also link to your merchandise shop on SimpleCirc.

Of course, we will help you with everything. Our live customer support is the best in the industry.

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If you are using Stripe or we can import your auto renews into SimpleCirc for you. Once this is done they will continue working just as they always have. When a subscription expires we will charge their card for their next subscription so that it continues uninterrupted.


SimpleCirc supports Stripe,, PayPal, Braintree, PayWay, Payeezy, ONE Payment, and Converge.

If you use something else, shoot us an email and we can look at adding it.

For auto renew, we currently support Stripe,, and PayPal/Braintree.

You can customize your checkout page with CSS so that it will look just like the rest of your website.

Look here to see what one of our publishers did to customize their checkout page.

With SimpleCirc Pro you can customize the URL for all of the pages your subscribers will use. For example, your checkout page can use the URL



With SimpleCirc Pro you can set up a renewal series and we will send the emails for you. We use SendGrid to send our emails so you can be confident they will be delivered at the highest rate possible.

All of our emails include our "magic renewal link" so that when subscribers click through to renew, all of their information is pre-populated. All they need to do to renew is enter their credit card or use the PayPal button. The process is so easy many publishers see a significant increase in their renewal rates.

Our email renewal series is also automated so you don't ever have to worry about it. Pull your mailing file and the process begins. Each expiring subscriber will get the email effort that is right for them, automatically.

With SimpleCirc Pro you can set up a renewal series that includes 4-color letters sent by SimpleCirc to your subscribers. Our letters only cost 79 cents per piece and include a perforated offer sheet, return envelope, AND postage.

Our letters also include a QR code so that subscribers can scan it with their phone and go directly to the checkout page for their renewal. Their name and address will already be filled in and all they have to do to renew is enter their credit card info or click the PayPal button.

Finally, the return portion of the letter will include a scanable bar code for people who mail in a check. Scan the bar code and bring up the subscriber without ever having to type in their info. Now that's simple!