Importing Data into SimpleCirc

Easily import your existing subscribers from any system

Getting your exisiting subscriber data into SimpleCirc is extremely easy. Our import tool takes any CSV file as input and then walks you through a few steps to map your data's fields to the fields SimpleCirc uses.

And while it's simple enough to do yourself, you don't have to!

SimpleCirc will import your data for you for FREE!

We've seen every type of data from every system imaginable. From industry standard CSV files, to dBase tables from home-grown software systems, to ad hoc spreadsheets, we've worked with everything. We know exactly how to clean up your files and get them into SimpleCirc so you can hit the ground running with the cleanest data possible.

Importing your existing subscriber data is super simple with SimpleCirc

We can also import the existing account ID or unique identifier from your current system so that you can easily look up subscribers when they call or email with their old ID.

Additionally, we can import any custom fields from your old system or fields that you might need during the transition or to reconcile the data once imported.

In many cases we can also import your existing auto renewing subscribers so that their auto renewed subscriptions continue uninterupted.

Moving your data from one system to the next can be the most terrifying part of the entire experience, but fear not! At SimpleCirc we've done it hundreds of times and we can do it again for you ... for FREE!

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