SimpleCirc API & Webhooks

Connect any application with SimpleCirc using our API and Webhooks

SimpleCirc's API and Webhook technology allow you to connect SimpleCirc to any other 3rd party application you use with just a little bit of coding. Whether you need to connect your digital magazine app, your CRM, or your membership site, if you have a developer or some technical experience you can manage logins and access or keep data in sync.

If you don't have any technical resources, and your application supports Zapier, you can use SimpleCirc's Zapier app to connect the two APIs.

SimpleCirc's API and Webhooks have three main uses when connecting with 3rd party applications, looking up information in SimpleCirc, updating or creating information in SimpleCirc, and notifying your application when something changes in SimpleCirc. For complete details please read our SimpleCirc API documentation or our SimpleCirc Webhook documentation.

Getting Information From SimpleCirc

There are many instances where your application might want to retrieve information from SimpleCirc about a subscriber or their subscriptions. If a subscriber is logging into your application and you want to check to see if their subscription is active, or when it expires, you can use the API to call SimpleCirc and get that information. In this case you would call the API using the subscribers SimpleCirc Account ID. The information returned will include everything about the subscriber (name, address, email, etc.) and everything about their subscription. (status, issues remaining, expiration date, postage type, etc.)

In addition to using the subscribers Account ID you can also look up subscribers by their email address. This is particularly helpful for systems where the subscriber logs in with an email address and password instead of their Account ID and zip code. Further more, if you need to retrieve multiple subscribers you can do that as well.

Creating and Updating Information in SimpleCirc

If you need to create a new subscriber or subscription in SimpleCirc you can do that using the API. To create a subscriber you send the API all of the relevant information, name, address, email, and in return you will get the new subscriber object from SimpleCirc including their new Account ID. If you then want to add a subscription, you call the API again, this time with the subscribers Account ID and the relevant subscription information. (publication, issues remaining, status, etc.) Additionally you can pass order information to be added to the order history for the subscriber.

If you need to update a subscriber's information or their subscription information you would again send the subscribers Account ID and the updated information. (name, address, email, etc.) To renew a subscription you can send the number of issues purchased and the amount paid. The subscription will be updated and an order record will be created.

Notifying 3rd Party Applications from SimpleCirc

To have SimpleCirc notify your system when something changes you will use our Webhook technology. For each change that can occur in SimpleCirc you would set up a RESTful endpoint (URL) in your system that can accept the information from SimpleCirc and process it.

SimpleCirc can notify you when a new subscription is purchased or an existing subscription is renewed. We can also notify you when a subscriber's information is updated (name, address, email, etc.) or when their subscription changes.

In conclusion, SimpleCirc's API and Webhooks are a powerful tool for connecting SimpleCirc with your other applications. With a bit of coding you can quickly have the two systems communicating as needed.

Please also check our list of full SimpleCirc integrations that currently exist to see if your application is already integrated with SimpleCirc.

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