Simple Safety

Rest easy at night knowing your data is safe and secure

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

As a publisher your single most important asset is your subscriber list. At SimpleCirc we get that and it's why we take saftey and security so seriously.

All of your SimpleCirc data is stored on super-secure Amazon Web Services (aws) servers and is continuously backed up.

In addition to being stored securely and backed up constantly, it is also mirrored in multiple regions so that even if Amazon has an issue with one of their data centers you'll still have access to SimpleCirc.

If your current subscriber list is stored on the hard drive of your computer at work you're taking a huge risk that it won't be there tomorrow. And, even if you are backing up your file regularly, if something were to happen how long would it take to recover?

With SimpleCirc, the saftey, security, and access to your data is all handled by us with latest technology so you can sleep well at night.

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