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Easily understand your data and take action

Understanding your data is the key to taking actions that will make your magazine, newspaper, or newsletter more successful. If you don't know what your circulation is doing how can you know what to focus on?

At SimpleCirc we know exactly what publishers need to focus on, because we're publishers too, and that is why we've built the dashboards and reports you need to make your publication a success.

Whether it's understanding your renewal rates, attrition, subscription sales, demographics, advertising ROI, or aging, we have the data you need to take action.

Our dashboard puts the most critical data points you need to see each day front and center. In addition to sales and active subscribers, you'll see new and renewed subscriptions, important notifications, top performing promo codes, and much more. And soon you'll be able to see renewal rate and attrition rate information in your dashboard as well.

SimpleCirc subscriber management software dashboard

Standard reports in SimpleCirc include a wide variety topics. Sales reports include orders, gifts, unpaid invoices, and breakdowns by source. Accounting reports include earned/deferred data for each published issue and deferred income for all future issues. Audit reports include qualified subscribers by issue and geographic breakout among others. Demographic reports break down subscribers by zip code and state. SimpleCirc also includes reports for aging subscriptions, promo codes, auto renewals, and more.

Additionally, SimpleCirc makes available all of your data for building your own custom reports and exports. You set the fields and filters to get just the data you need. Custom reports can then be saved to be used again in the future.

SimpleCirc subscriber management custom reporting

In conclusion, SimpleCirc gives you all of the tools you need to easily understand your data and take action. You'll always know what to focus on next to make your publication a success!

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