Support for Payment Gateways

Process credit card transactions with the payment gateway you already use

SimpleCirc supports all of the major payment gateways for credit card transactions including Stripe,, PayPal, Braintree, PayWay, and more. If you already use one of our supported payment gateways, taking credit cards is as simple as entering your credentials.

SimpleCirc supports the Stripe payment gateway SimpleCirc supports the payment gateway SimpleCirc supports the PayPal payment gateway SimpleCirc supports the Braintree payment gateway SimpleCirc supports the PayWay payment gateway

If you don't currently have a payment gateway, setting up an account with one of our supported providers can take just minutes.

SimpleCirc also supports the PayPal button. By adding the PayPal button to your checkout page, your subscribers with a PayPal account can complete their order much more easily without needing to have a credit card on hand. The PayPal button is particularly useful for people subscribing to your publication on their phone.

Additionally, if you are using Stripe,, PayPal, or PayWay you can set up subscriptions that auto renew at the end of their term.

Finally, the best part about taking credit card orders on SimpleCirc is you never have to re-enter an order again. If you are currently taking orders through a 3rd party e-commerce site or anything else that is not your subscriber management platform and then move those orders over, you are wasting valuable time. Let SimpleCirc take care of everything and use the extra time to grow your circulation!

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