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SimpleCirc integrates with eMagazines magazine app SimpleCirc integrates with BlueToad magazine app SimpleCirc integrates with Zinio magazine app

SimpleCirc integrates with MAZ magazine app SimpleCirc integrates with GTxcel magazine app SimpleCirc integrates with Vertiqul magazine app

If your subscribers access your digital content with an app, you can connect that app to SimpleCirc to verify that the subscriber is active and has access to the content.

SimpleCirc's magazine subscription management software can connect to many of the most popular magazine reading apps including eMagazines, BlueToad, Uberflip, Zinio, MAZ, GTxcel, and Vertiqul. When your app is connected to SimpleCirc, you can maintain your subscription data in SimpleCirc while still giving your readers access to your publication in the app.

If the app you use is not currently integrated with SimpleCirc you can use our API and Webhook technology or our SimpleCirc Zapier app to connect SimpleCirc with your app.

If your current subscriber management software doesn't integrate nicely with your digital magazine or newspaper app then it might be time to consider a switch to SimpleCirc.

For additional integrations beyond reading apps, see our full list of SimpleCirc software integrations.

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