Sell Back Issues

Increase revenue by selling the back issues you have on hand

One of the simplest ways to add revenue is by selling your back issues and SimpleCirc makes it really easy to set up an online store for selling back issues and other merchandise. You can sell the physical copies of your print publication or sell a digital PDF download. In both cases you're selling something you already have, at almost no additional cost to you.

You can also use your back issue inventory to add upsells on your subscription checkout page. This is a great way to increase the average order size for your subscriptions and offer your new subscribers access to issues they haven't read yet. Publishers have found this works particularly well with one-off volumes like annual guides.

Below is an example of a publisher selling back issues on SimpleCirc.

Sell magazine and newspaper back issues to increase publishing revenue

Setting up a shop on SimpleCirc is fast and easy and it allows you to save money by getting away from 3rd party e-commerce sites. The savings you get from eliminating e-commerce software may cover the new cost of SimpleCirc AND you're getting awesome subscriber management to boot!

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