Upselling & Cross-selling

Increase average order size by upselling and cross-selling

One of the quickest ways to increase your average subscription order size, and thus your revenue and profitability, is to cross-sell your titles and/or upsell merchandise and back issues to subscribers. SimpleCirc makes it simple to do both!


SimpleCirc makes it easy for publishers to set up a store for selling merchandise and back issues. In addition to people shopping in your "store" you can also include items on the subscription checkout page as upsells. With the click of their mouse, a subscriber that is checking out can easily add a hat, t-shirt, calendar, or back issue. This is no different then selling gum in the checkout line at the grocery store. If you make it easy they will be much more likely to add items to their order.

Consider upselling not only your new subscribers but also your renewing subscribers. Additionally, you can use promo codes to offer different upsells to different audiences.

Increase magazine subscription order value with upselling


Many publishers offer more than one title and quite often those titles are in some way related. They may all be about cars, or sports, or investing, and chances are if a person is subscribing to one they might be interested in another.

That is why SimpleCirc has made cross-selling your titles super simple. With one click subscribers to one publication can add an order to another. After their purchase they can then manage both subscription in a single account.

Again, in addition to cross-selling new subscribers, renewing subscribers are another great opportunity to cross-sell your titles.

Increase magazine subscription order size with cross-selling


In conclusion, take advantage of your captive audience when they are purchasing a new subscription or renewing the subscription they already have. Upsell merchandise and back issues that they may be interested in or cross-sell your other related titles. You will see a nice increase in your average order size and will grow your circulations as well as your revenue and profitablity.

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