Sell Merchandise

Increase revenue by selling merchandise your subscribers will love

You're subscribers love your publication and you're brand so why not give them the opportunity to buy merchandise with your name on it? Chances are, if you're an established publication, you already do and that is why SimpleCirc makes it really easy to set up a shop and sell your merchandise and back issues.

Selling merchandise is great way to increase the value of your subscription orders and satisfy the demand of your passionate subscribers.

Selling those hats, t-shirts, and coffee mugs on SimpleCirc is a great way to save money too. If you are currently using a 3rd party e-commerce solution to sell your merch you can save that money by switching to SimpleCirc. Our shop feature is included in the price of our subscriber management software!

Here is an example of a publisher selling merchandise and back issues on SimpleCirc.

Sell magazine and newspaper merchandise to increase publishing revenue

In addition to having a shop, you can use our upsell feature to make it super simple for subscribers to add merchandise to their subscription orders. Whether they are subscribing for the first time or they are renewing their existing subscription, they will be able to add your merchandise at checkout with the click of a button. Just like buying gum in line at the grocery store, this feature works great for increasing order value.

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