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  • Pricing in NZD & USD
  • NZ Post API Verified Addresses
  • New Zealand & Australian Postal Codes
NZ Life & Leisure New Zealand magazine manages their subscribers with SimpleCirc

Get the features you need to run your New Zealand publication.

SimpleCirc is a fully-featured software platform for magazine and newspaper publishers to manage their circulations. After working with many New Zealand publishers we have added a few specific features that make their lives easier.

Sell your magazine subscriptions in New Zealand Dollars to your New Zealand subscribers and US Dollars to your United States and International subscribers.

We can set up your account to default to New Zealand addresses. By default your subscriber's country will be set to New Zealand. Australian and international subscribers can then click a link to quickly switch to a form supporting their addresses. And, best of all, New Zealand addresses will automatically be verified using the NZ Post API.

Finally, set up your postage types to take advantage of New Zealand, Australian, and international postage.<

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host subscriber checkout pages with SimpleCirc
Streamline ordering

Checkout pages that put the data right into your circ software.

Link your website to your checkout page on SimpleCirc to complete all orders and renewals. Accept credit card transactions with Stripe,, PayPal, and more.

No-touch Subscriber Support

Let your subscribers help themselves

SimpleCirc's subscriber portal makes it easy for subs to help themselves, allowing you up to focus on more important tasks.

When they do need help, you'll have everything you need to service them quickly and efficiently.

Most of our publishers spend only minutes a day.

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