Link Your Site to SimpleCirc

Link your site to SimpleCirc and start taking orders right away!

As soon as you have your payment gateway credentials entered into SimpleCirc you can link your website to your SimpleCirc checkout pages and start taking orders.

Everywhere you have a "subscribe" button or link you will replace the URL with a link to SimpleCirc. You can also add links for subscribers to log into their accounts, purchase gifts, and shop your merchandise and back issues.

Easily connect your website to your SimpleCirc checkout pages

All of the links you need can be found on the publications settings page in your account under the "Links" tab.

Get all the subscribe links you need from your SimpleCirc settings page

If you are using promo codes to link to specific offers you can also easily add the promo code to the links you need.

Then just copy and paste the URL into your site and you're good to go. You'll be taking orders online from your website in just minutes!

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