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Take subscription orders online

Taking online subscription orders with SimpleCirc is, well, simple! You just set up and customize your checkout page, enter your payment gateway credentials, and then link to your SimpleCirc checkout page anywhere it says "Subscribe" on your website. It's really that easy.

Your checkout page on SimpleCirc is where your subscribers will see the terms and pricing you offer, enter their mailing address, and enter their credit card info. You can customize this page to have the look and feel of your site and your brand with images, colors, and fonts of your choosing. Below is an example of a publisher's checkout page.

Take magazine subscription orders online with SimpleCirc

To further improve the checkout experience and increase the value of your subscription orders you can add upsells to market your back issues and merchandise. You can also increase revenue with Buy One Get One pricing and selling multiple gift subscriptions.

Additionally, you can add questions to collect demographic information or to qualify subscribers and add opt-in questions for newsletters and marketing.

Finally, you can add your tracking pixels from Facebook, Google, and others to track the ROI on your marketing efforts.

SimpleCirc allows you to take credit cards using all of the major payment gateways including Stripe,, PayPal, Payeezy, PayWay, Braintree, and others. You can even add the PayPal button to your checkout page to make payment even easier for your subscribers.

If you collect sales tax on your subscriptions or merchandise you can also set up your checkout page to calculate the correct sales tax and add it to the cost.

If you price your subscriptions in different currencies we can handle that too!

In short, SimpleCirc gives you a fully featured checkout experience that makes ordering really easy for your subscribers. And, when it comes time to renew you can send your subscribers our "one-click renewal link" so that the checkout page will be pre-populated with all of their information, making renewals a breeze!

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